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The Lack Of Space Is Taking Its Toll: Family Dinners Don’t Exist, Relationships Are Dwindling & This House Just Isn’t Home.
Enter our Signature “Connected Lifestyle” Method. We help busy professionals upsize to their forever homes within Fredericton’s most sought-after neighbourhoods, so that they can find their happy place with the people most important to them.

Seeing you happy and settled into the home that matches your ideal lifestyle is the goal of this process. To do that we’ve got to take care of anything standing in the way first. so that you are free to make a timely decision when the opportunity presents itself. Your new home is the key to living the lifestyle you’ve been wanting.

You have been dreaming about what your life could look like, and now the reality is at your fingertips. We will be showing you houses that suit your needs and we will also keep an eye and ear out for any hidden gems that may not be listed (We’re good at drumming up the perfect off-market home!) Our job is to think outside the box to find the perfect fit. And when it comes time to viewing? Consider us your objective lens. We’ll point out everything we see that might be a red flag. Surprises are fun, unless it’s in Real Estate!

Once we find “the one,” we’ll craft an offer in a way that best protects you and your investment. You are an individual and so is your new home. The offer will be geared towards that partnership. We’ll advise through each condition, as well as share our trusted roster of professionals. The right home inspectors to point out the problems. The insurance providers who get you the best coverage…Mortgage consultants who advise on a mortgage best suited for your short and long term plans. A great legal team to protect you and your investment. It makes all the difference! We know who to contact for the right service and we will guide you from offer to closing day & beyond.

Once the offer is accepted and conditions are out of the way, it’s time to get packing and plan! You’ll get our list of chosen professionals, as well as our Exclusive Syroid Group preferred pricing offers. Closing stress is a real thing and homes often have trouble letting go. This might be the perfect chance for your home to spring a plumbing leak or have the dryer quit, or an unexpected cost creeps out of nowhere and is eating away at your furniture fund for the new place. All this is surmountable, just call us! The work will be worth it. You’ll be cozying up in your favourite nook in your new home in no time.

We’ll give you a checklist to keep you on track. This will ensure your seamless transition. We even have professional cleaners on speed dial! If closing issues do come up, you’ll have our team and your trusted legal professional on your side. We’ll guide you through.

Closing day can bring on unexpected costs, and this plan will save you money and 11th hour headaches. But our relationship doesn’t end here! Our goal is to be your chosen Real Estate team for life. Well beyond the sale, we are here for you to lean on. Consider us your Best Friends in the industry! And of course we can’t wait to celebrate with you at our next Client Appreciation Event 🙂

A dedicated office space means that no one’s in the way when it comes time to get work done. Your kitchen is a place for cooking and gathering. Your living room is a place to relax and play. Everything has its place and you can literally breathe again.

Your house has become the gathering place. Family and friends are happy to come to you on holidays. Your friends and your kid’s friends are perfectly happy to come over, and you love the busy-ness that comes with that. This is the kind of chaos you’ve been dreaming of! There is no need to be constantly loading the car up and rat racing around everybody else’s social schedule. You’re not embarrassed to host and are reminded again how much you enjoy entertaining.

Having the extra space and a home that suits your needs relieves relationship stress. Having made a decision, you and your partner are back on level ground. You’ve even resumed proper date nights and enjoy each other’s company again. You’re excited to see their face at the end of the day and the eye rolls and frustration have gone away.


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