Should You Buy the “Less Than Perfect” Home?

It’s officially here, February’s in full swing and listing season is upon us!  Every day the Fredericton Real Estate market is seeing more and more listings hit the market, and buyers have several great options to chose from (or as my late grandfather “Daddy Bob” would have said “ahem…from WHICH to CHOOSE”).  Semantics aside…what should […]

What happens after the SOLD sign goes up?

NOW WHAT??? Picture it:  I’m a new real estate agent, excited to jumpstart my career with a bang.  I’m sitting at Starbucks having coffee with friends, getting feedback on my website going over the intricate details of “photoshop this”, “captcha that”, and “ANYTHING BUTs”…and the conversation naturally turns to the recent sale of their home, […]

Fredericton: Winter Wonderland

Happy 2013! Well, we survived December which – in case you haven’t noticed or are in complete winter denial – saw 87 centimeters of snow dumped on us.  The most snow in Fredericton in the month of December since 1978! We Canadians…NO, we FREDERICTONIANS, really do see all 4 seasons in all their glory.  And […]

My year in Social Media – 20 things I’ve learned

  1 – Dress like you’re going to run away with the doctor in those clothes – it’s always better to be overdressed than under.  Confidence and swagger come with a great outfit, and if you ever need proof, under-dress for an important meeting.  You’ll get it 😉   2 – Be your authentic, genuine […]

How to go Gangnam style on your listing: a step-by-step guide

  In today’s Fredericton Real Estate Market, talks of heading into a very slow market are “going viral”.  What I mean by this is that the conversation is spreading like wildfire outside of the core group of affected individuals.  Not only are Realtors® feeling the impact of a 21% decline in September 2012 sales year […]

Happy AWESOME Friday!

It’s FRIDAY and you know what that means!  Well, actually it just means that yesterday was Thursday and tomorrow is Saturday for someone in my line of work, but for most of you it’s the end of a grueling work week and the start of your weekend.  Soooo, I thought I would have a little […]

TLC for your home: Don’t go chasing waterfalls

Home Maintenance is not sexy.  Put it in the same category as getting getting an oil change in your car, or paying for an extended warranty on an electronic device that is obsolete before the warranty runs out.  When life is a daily battle of money coming in and money going out, these items can […]

Man Caves, not just for Men!

Holy Guacamole, Pass the Remote!!!  If your home is equipped with a Man Cave for the sports fanatic, surround-sound guru and take-out ordering extraordinaire in your family, you know this is one space that cannot be overlooked when searching for your perfect home. I would also argue that the Man Cave is as beneficial to […]

Canadian O-eh!-sis

Let’s be honest fellow Canadian home-owners, we spend 6 months of the year under snow, 3 months of the year in Spring cleaning / Fall raking, and only 3 short-lived summer months (mixed with a dash of construction).  The True North Strong and Free we might be, but our 4 beloved seasons are not exactly […]

Man vs Man-sion

I’ve always said that being a home owner is synonymous with being in a relationship.  He loves me, he loves me not…but at what cost?  If you’re looking to avoid checking in to the “Heartbreak Hotel”, and start “counting the ways” you love thee humble abode, there are Plenty of Fish in the Sea so […]

Fifty Shades of Grey Areas in Real Estate

If that title didn’t catch your attention then you must be living under a rock these days!  I’ll admit I started reading the book and had NO idea what I was getting myself into.  So the not-so-subtle Real Estate lesson here is obvious:  Don’t sign on the dotted line without knowing exactly what you’re getting […]

Guest Blog Part 2: Interior Design tips for Buyers

Happy Saturday all! As you may know, I am lucky to be partnering with Lee Shakotko of Interiors by Lee in helping YOU buy the right home or sell at the price your home deserves.  Lee does everything from Interior Design consultations to show your new-to-you (or soon to be sold) home in its best […]

Guest Blog Part 1 – Design tips for Sellers

Happy Saturday Fredericton!  I am THRILLED to have a guest blogger this week in Lee Shakotko of Interiors by Lee, and Barbara Lee Designs!  Lee is a local interior design expert and she makes having a beautiful, liveable and coherent space look easy.  (And as most of us know, it’s not!).  Check out this Part 1 of 2 […]

First time homebuying EXPOSED!

It’s official.  Being a 1st time home buyer is not for the faint of heart!  When making a decision that weighs heavily on your emotions and your wallet, even the smallest hiccups can feel like devastating blows.  Why is my story pre-empted with a picture of a honkin’ fax machine?  Read on friends…. Karen Syroid’s […]

A Week in the Life of a Frederictonian

Diary of a Fredericton NB’er:  Because when you live here, you know. The following story is both 100% fabricated yet so easily could be based on actual events. If I have encaptured a week in the life of “you” while writing this story, well…HATS OFF it probably was one hell of a great week, and […]

1st born, 2nd spouse, 3rd realtor

I read a phrase the other day and I laughed out loud.  It said “It’s better to be the First Child, the Second Spouse, and the Third Realtor”. This is the preferred order of things in life.  Here’s my point of view: First Born – I didn’t quite hit the mark on this one.  2nd born BUT, […]

Luck o’ the Irish

Happy St Patty’s Day 2012! I am feeling pretty lucky these days, and especially on this beautiful St Patty’s Day in Fredericton. They say (well, my mother-in-law says) that the key to happiness in life is to find something you love to do, and if you’re LUCKY enough, do it for a living.  I do believe […]

Which type of clutter-puppy are you?

The term is actually “clutter bug” but being a dog lover (and, I’ll admit it, bug-hater), I thought I would use a little canine analogy. Bear with me here: People, like dogs, portray different behaviors depending on their learned and inherent habits.  Which one of these do you relate to? Are you a poodle?  If you’re […]

A picture’s worth a thousand words

OK people, it’s time to get real about the photos of your listings on MLS.  Realtors, if you’re using your I-Phone to take photos of your listings, the gig is up.  Yes we can tell, and no they’re not the same quality as a real camera.  And quality is only the beginning – the BIG […]