Our process for selling

Our process for selling

As homeowners ourselves, we know how daunting selling a home can be. Not every Real Estate Salesperson earns the commission you pay them. Some post a sign on your lawn, and are never to be heard from again! That’s why, we’ve reinvented the sale process – making it as easy and stress-free as possible for you.

1. We get to know you, your lifestyle, and your neighbourhood

We know that the number of bedrooms and bathrooms are important, but we look beyond that. We want to know what lifestyle your home offers, the advantages of your neighbourhood, what attracted you to the home, where the sun rises and sets. We do so by visiting your home (or having a video call) and chatting with you about your years spent there. We also have you fill out our unique Homeowners’ Household Questionnaire. This gives us the ability to market the things you can’t see in photos and reach your target buyers. During this meeting, we will complete your listing paperwork and then followup with a detailed listing and pricing strategy.

2. We treat all listings equally

We know what buyers are looking for when they consider certain homes. To showcase your home at its finest, we’ll stage it and capture professional photos (including aerial and a 3D virtual tour) and video to show it at its best – without embellishing the size or features. Once complete, we go through our “launch process” and list your home on the public market and DDF feeds.

3. We build targeted excitement for your listing

After getting to know you and your home, we’ll create excitement with your ideal buyers. Our launch process includes a “coming soon” post to our vast social media audience to create early demand. Next, we host a timely open house (in-person or virtual) to create a sense of urgency from real buyers. We do all this with a focus on lifestyle and benefits – not features.

4. We focus on the importance of pricing and timing

Time spent on the market is important. A home with a longer than average exposure period will sell for less than its true market value.

5. We have a full-time Marketing Manager to support the marketing of your home.

With over 8 years’ experience in marketing, including 7 years with the University of New Brunswick prior to joining the Syroid Group team, Kurtis has brought new services to our team including videography and drone, and an increased strategic online presence designed to bring a heightened exposure to our listing clients.

We’re here for you

Throughout the selling process, we’re always available to address any questions or concerns you may have, and we will keep you updated on the results of marketing efforts periodically.  Once your home is sold, the closing process begins.

What cost is involved in this process?

There is no cost to you, until the home is sold.  We do not charge clients for staging consultations, photography, or any of the costs relating to the marketing activities we do on the home.  Our ultimate goal is to sell your home, so you can downsize, upsize, or move on to where you wish to go!  Note that if any superfluous 3rd party work is required to prepare your home for sale, the costs would be yours – but we can discuss that on a case-by-case basis.

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