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Things Were Going Great For A While, Weren’t They?

You dove into your career and built financial stability for yourself. You had a living space that worked well. Your relationships were thriving and your family began to grow. You really felt like you had it all and were on top of the world.

Until you weren’t. As your life continued to evolve, you started noticing some really big problems, and they started at home. That’s where we come in.

You have a vision of your ideal life, and the home that comes with it. Your current situation isn’t meeting that. You’re creeping Realtor.ca and it’s obvious that a change would solve a lot of your problems (and even more obvious what problems you currently have). You’re either tripping over clutter, empty nesting and have more space than you use, or you’re simply feeling house/neighbourhood/equity building envy. You know it’s time for a change from your current home or location. The thing is, you don’t know how to make this vision your reality.

Cue our onsite or in-office meeting. Yes, we also use Zoom! However you’re most comfortable, one thing’s for sure. We LIVE for this part! We’ll chat about you. Who you are, what’s working and what’s not. We’ll go over what you’ve loved about your home and what’s compelled you to call us. This is our chance to meet you and take notes! We’ll go over the list of great things and potential hiccups we can foresee in your selling process. We’ve done this hundreds of times, and this objectivity is exactly what you need to get started on the right path.

This is the nuts and bolts of your listing process and it’s what gets you SOLD. This is targeted to your home, and its future owner. You’ll receive a detailed “to do” list in order of priority and with ROI in mind. We’ll give you a highly targeted and unique listing strategy focused on lifestyle. We’ll also unlock access to our exclusive Syroid Group Experience package. This includes junk removers, stagers and storage options, professional cleaners and more. We even have a Delta staycation package for those hectic showing days! How well this plan is followed will be the largest factor in the success of your sale.

Before your house is show-ready, this step needs to happen. This isn’t the same design advice you’ll see on Instagram or HGTV. You might even be surprised by some of the things we recommend! Some of the least expensive improvements will bring you the highest return. It’s important to note that the way you stage a home to sell, and the way you live in it, are two different things. We are trained to market your home through the eyes of your target buyer. How they will see it online and in person is the only viewpoint that matters when you’re selling.

When it’s time to launch your listing, all that’ll be left to do is book the marketing team and put our foot on the gas. If the staging and prep work isn’t done, then your house isn’t ready to sell. Buyers form opinions based on what they first see online, and then within a 20-30 minute visit. We only have a short period of time to capture their interest! The heavy lifting has to have been done ahead of time in order to sell your home at its highest value. Speaking of value, this is where we land on the most important marketing piece of all – your price.

It’s Show and Sell time! Now that the prep work’s done, it’s time to book the marketing magic. Turn on the lights, open the blinds, and hide the toiletries! We have professional photography, drone, videography, and 3D virtual tour software at our fingertips. We leverage our personal and business social media accounts to market the home. And of course, we also use local real estate websites, the MLS® system, REALTOR.ca and more, and we keep our fingers on the pulse of buyer feedback. Consider us your hype team!

Next, we flex the negotiation muscles. It’s our job to know what cards to show and when. We’ll approach the listing from a place of transparency. Disclosing any known issues or past repairs upfront is imperative to attracting a buyer who knows exactly what they’re buying. And with all that out of the way, we can focus on what’s really on your mind. Price of course but also, the conditions you’re willing to accept, and the timing that works for your closing. We’ll guide you the whole way.

Buying and selling (especially at the same time!) always comes with some level of risk. In this market, a home that comes on the market won’t wait for you. Missing out on your ideal next home really sucks. Continuing to live in a home that no longer suits you while paying ongoing costs and maintenance? That’s also hard. This process is designed to fix that. When we successfully market and sell your home, you have the freedom to move ahead with your plans. Finding your Happy Place comes as a result of great planning and strategy, executed well.


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