Thinking of Selling?

As homeowners ourselves, we know how daunting selling a home can be.  Not every Real Estate Salesperson earns the commission you pay them.  Some post a sign on your lawn, and are never to be heard from again!  

That’s why, we’ve reinvented the sale process – making it as easy and stress-free as possible for you.    

So how does our process work?  It’s easy!

  1. House Visit – Our approach is different; a house is made with mortar & bricks.  A home is sold when a family can envision future memories in the space.  We’ll do a thorough tour of your home and discuss your favourite memories there; where the kids go to school, where the sun rises and sets, where you love to entertain, even the demographics of your neighbours.  This, along with a list of improvements and upgrades, will then form part of your marketing package.  See a sample of our staging tips here!
  2. Providing a Current Market Appraisal – Once we’ve seen your home, we’ll provide to you a comprehensive report outlining the price based on our current market realities, your neighbourhood, and your home specifically – to help in setting your price.  Having visited the home will allow us to more effectively price your home.
  3. Paperwork –  If you agree with our suggested price, based on the market analysis and conditions, we’ll get everything signed up to officially bind our listing contract.  Then the fun of placing your home for sale publicly begins!   
  4. Staging & Photos – Every listing is shot by a professional photographer, to portray your home at its best.  After all – 94% of buyers today begin their search online before ever stepping foot in the home.  Its imperative that your home is showcased at its finest!  We’ll be present for the photoshoot, so we can ensure the home is perfectly staged.  When needed, we’ll call in for help – including the services of an interior designer/paint specialist.  Your home will never look better!
  5. List!  In addition to listing your home on the market, through MLS®, our team will prepare a marketing and promotional plan specifically designed for your home.  This will include open house(s), a detailed marketing package for buyers and agents, social media, online advertising, etc.  Every home gets a personalized treatment, based on the type of home, typical buyer for such a home, location, and much more! We know when and where to market your property to generate the most interest and potential sales opportunities.

Once this is complete, we will focus on showing your home, granting showing requests to other Realtors®, providing consistent feedback from real buyers, and presenting offers to you.  Throughout the selling process, we’re always available to address any questions or concerns you may have, and we will keep you updated on the results of marketing efforts periodically. 

Once your home is sold, the closing process begins.  

What cost is involved in this process?

There is no cost to you, until the home is sold.  We do not charge clients for staging consultations, photography, or any of the costs relating to the marketing activities we do on the home.  Our ultimate goal is to sell your home, so you can downsize, upsize, or move on to where you wish to go!  Note that if any superfluous 3rd party work is required to prepare your home for sale, the costs would be yours – but we can discuss that on a case-by-case basis.  

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