Selling real estate on the public market vs. “selling quietly”

What are the pros and cons of selling on the public market vs “selling quietly”? Here are our thoughts.

First, let’s talk about what we mean when we say “public market” and “selling quietly”:

  • Selling on the public real estate market means listing your home so it can be found on places like Any REALTOR® will be able to schedule a viewing of your home for their clients.
  • Selling quietly means working with a REALTOR® to find a buyer for your home without the general public; no sign, social media (based on client’s requirements) or public listing. The REALTOR® may even already have a buyer in mind for your home.

Which is better? It really depends on the needs of the seller. 

Public market

Selling on the public market will absolutely offer you the most exposure for your home. In a seller’s market, that can be a real benefit since you’re getting the most feedback on your home. It can also increase the likelihood of many offers, which may mean more money for you as a seller.

When selling on the public market, your home will also be looking its best. If you’re working with us to list your home on the public market, you are getting professional photos and video, aerials, in-depth staging advice. You’re staged and ready to welcome visitors, and you should expect to maintain the home in the same state as can be viewed online.

For some, the upside of selling your home publicly (more exposure) can be a downside. Some people don’t want everyone knowing their home is for sale. 

Sellers will be opening themselves up to more buyer-driven negotiations. This means you can be presented an offer from anyone and the terms are initially dictated by the buyer. Of course, you can always negotiate these terms.

Selling quietly

When selling quietly, you obviously won’t be getting as much exposure. However, our market has shifted. There is currently a severe lack of real estate inventory in Fredericton. Therefore, most REALTORs® have a backlog of buyers that are looking for homes right now. This means, as a seller, the decision is yours from the onset: “This is my house, this is the price I want, here’s the closing date that would be ideal for me. If you have someone that can meet me on my terms, then I’m willing to sell my property.” You won’t typically have a sign on your lawn, multiple groups of people going through your house, or an open house.

Which is better?

In a seller’s market, you may get more money by listing publicly. But in our experience, when buyers are presented with a listing that is not on the public market, they will typically respect the price being asked by the seller. You open yourself to more negotiating if you are listed publicly.

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