Karen Syroid


Brittany MacKenzie


‘Helping you find your place’ is just the beginning of our relationship.

We’re the Syroid Group. We’re client obsessed. We are marketing mavens, next level negotiators, we live by a culture of communication and we give great advice (the kind that gets you to closing day). Oh yeah, and we also happen to help people buy and sell homes in Fredericton.

We create a real estate experience that looks a little something like this:

  • Communication and clear expectations. No reading between the lines over here.
  • Relationships first. Buying and selling is just the beginning of our commitment to our clients. Welcome to the family!
  • Expert advisors. Giving great - truthful - advice that gets you sold
  • Authenticity. We’re people too, and we’re your partners in this.
  • Team players. We like each other, we trust each other and we support and push each other. And we always manage to squeeze in some fun while we’re at it.
  • Evolutionary; We anticipate and solve problems before you ever know they exist. We pivot better than Ross and the couch (and if you get this Friends reference, you’ll be in great company with us)

As a team, we do what we do best and we hire the rest. From our in-house marketing expert, professional stager, organizers, movers, photographer, drone, video and 3D...we even have junk removers and cleaners on literal speed-dial. We call it in so our agents can focus on what you hired us for: local market knowledge, showing, selling, negotiating and of course, keeping your contract terms tight. And yes this is all included in our Co-Mission: “creating financial and personal freedom for our clients through genuine relationships and expert Real Estate advice”

Buying or selling in Fredericton? Consider us your friends in the industry.

‘Helping you find your place’, since 2012.