A job less ordinary!

August 29, 2016


We are:  A Real Estate team with a brilliant marketer and stand-out brand.  “Re-defining Real Estate” is more than our motto, it’s our currency.  Daring to be different, investing in our clients, celebrating our successes and embracing our “no two days alike” 14 hour-a-day lifestyle like it’s our job.



You are:  A high-energy individual who gets as much satisfaction from putting together a streamlined filing system as you do eating a double fudge sundae. “It’s not my job” doesn’t form part of your vocab, and you’d be happy cleaning a client’s home for a last minute showing one minute, and putting together a Social Media campaign the next (you’ve at least heard of WordPress and can maneuver around it). You can keep both paperwork AND people organized, which is no small feat. You can start next week (jk – but not really).



Hours and pay to be determined based on candidate’s experience.  Send resumes asap to chris@gardiner.nb.ca.









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